Nick: My Journey

My international travels began in December, 1996, when I was 14 years old and went to Australia with a USA Baseball team. I visited Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide during that trip and vividly remember being enamored by the sights, sounds, cultural differences and similarities, food and beauty of a new country that was so far from home. It took 12 years, after that trip, for me to take the trip across the International Date Line (or travel outside of the USA and Mexico) that would make me a lifetime traveler.

Exploring Bagan

I was raised in Northern California, which I still believe is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and have always been someone that has enjoyed the balance between the outdoors and city life. The need for this balance made moving to San Francisco an easy decision for me 8 years ago. San Francisco has never disappointed and is the place I believe that I will always call home.

The first real conversation that Andi and I had was about long-term traveling. That conversation did not stop. In September, 2016 we packed up our bags, put our stuff into storage, and left San Francisco with the intention of traveling for 12+ months.

Kuang Si Falls

As of April 2016, I have traveled to 24 countries (on this trip and many others), 6 out of 7 continents, and can say that I have immensly enjoyed the interesting and amazing experiences in each one of them. My travel style and interests have changed throughout the years and what I currently enjoy most about travel is food, culture, outdoor adventures, volunteering, music and a good party.

Learning t0 scubadive

The theme of our blog is to help other travelers in the same way that we have been helped by others in so many countries throughout the world. When talking with other travelers on the road there is a common theme that the best information and places are found through conversations with other travelers. Hopefully the information in this blog will help guide other travelers to find a few amazing experiences throughout their own journeys.

Oktoberfest, Munich

Enjoy and safe travels!!



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